Tuesday 8 December 2009

The Joy of Sex (Quartet) told us everything we needed to know about sex.

The Joy of Talk does the same for talk.

Read it. Do it. Enjoy it.

Power and popularity do not come from virtue and intelligence but eloquence. 90% of businesses are run by ex-salesmen - that is people who talk for a living. We are ruled by politicians not professors: people who are primaily talkers rather than thinkers. Men might become enamoured through their eyes but women fall in love through their ears. Friendship is the product of communion through talk.

Each person has a unique voice, their own exclusive way of talking. The Joy of Talk explains how this can be discovered and developped through self realisation, a programme of mental exercise and keen attention to the passing day.

The Joy of Talk (Quartet) comes out next Spring.

Monday 7 December 2009

The Joy Of Talk

Quartet gave us ‘The Joy of Sex.’

Now they are publishing ‘The Joy of Talk.’

After all it is talk that gets the girl into bed in the first place!

Book out at Easter